Reading List: January 2015

Vidya - January Reading List Each month I’m sharing my favorite books, blogs, podcasts, playlists and more of what’s inspiring me at the moment in this “Reading List” series…

{Currently} on my nightstand:
1. Gurus of Modern Yoga by Mark Singleton
A fascinating look into the role of the guru in traditional lineages vs. the modern transnational yoga phenomenon.  Mark Singleton is an incredible author whose book Yoga Body shed light on the the origins of postural yoga in the 20th century and brought depth to our definitions of modern yoga. I’ve read Yoga Body several times over when I was researching this very topic for my anthropology grant project in Mysore, India. I’m eager to jump into his newest book!

2. My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season by Sarah Britton
We’ve all been waiting for this gem, who’s pre-ordered already?

3. The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Dr. Vasant Lad
A guide on Ayurvedic alignment with everything from herbal remedies to asanas and meditation, a great reference to have on hand.

4. Moon Time by Lucy H. Pearce
An open dialogue on moon cycles and menstruation. This book teaches you how to how to chart your cycle, use healing herbs and create moontime rituals to nourish a healthy personal cycle.

5. Medicine Woman Tarot Deck
For developing your intuitive skills…

{Currently} on my internetz:
1. Pure Green Magazine has launched this beautiful podcast series featuring some of my favorite culinary ladies like Amy Chaplin, Jessica Murnane, Lindsey Love and Laura Messy.  I’m grateful to be a part of this series, too! I’ve been on a steady stream of podcast listening lately, thanks to PGM and a few other fabulous new podcasts out there (like this one from my friends Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson on being a badass boss lady!).

2. Speaking of Laura Messy, did you see her recipe for this kale & brussels sprout caesar slaw with pine nut parm on The First Mess? Better yet, have you made it yet?! Run to your kitchen.

3. The What’s Underneath Project, a naked honest series of body image and perception. #selflove

4. This tiny Venice home.

5. Surviving Mercury Retrograde 2015, a year ahead reading + guide by a sweet local friend/blogger, Whitney Womack of The Herban Fortress.

What are you reading this month? Share with me your favorite books, blogs, videos, playlists, and anything else that has you über-excited in the comments below!