Reading List: March 2015

March Reading List

Each month I’m sharing my favorite books, blogs, podcasts, playlists and more of what’s inspiring me at the moment in this “Reading List” series…

{Currently} on my nightstand:
1. Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth & Meaning Behind Mantra & Kirtan by Alanna Kaivalya
Chanting mantras is a part of my regular daily practice. This book gives depth and meaning to the practice…and makes me feel not so alone in thinking I’m the only one who can listen to Krisha Das and Deva Premal on repeat all day long!

2. The Vaastu Workbook by Talavane Krishna
Vastu Shastra is the Indian form of Feng Shui, it’s all about designing your home in harmony with the subtle energies of nature. Think which direction your bed should be facing, ideal places for spiritual corners in your home, etc. This book includes the basics of Indian astrology, the five elements, and the healing tradition of ayurveda and how this relates to creating a sanctuary out of your living space.

3. A Handbook of Chakra Healing by Kalashatra Govinda
A comprehensive everyday guidebook on the 7 main energy centers of the body and how to nurture them.

4. Gypset Living by Julia Chaplin
“Characterized by their need for alternative travel and lifestyle, Gypsetters fuse the ease and nomadic style of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set lifestyle.”Gypset my everything…new book above, new website below.

5. The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon Cookbook by Sarah & Hugh Forte
Since I only eat my meals from giant bowls to already (who needs a plate anyways), I can’t wait to check out this gorgeous new cookbook from the Sprouted Kitchen folks – book releases today!

{Currently} on my internetz:
1. If you’ve been coming to my yoga classes lately, you’ve heard me talk a lot about nostril dominance, solar/lunar energy and nadi shodhana – here’s a great article on what this all means and how you can get to know your own daily rhythms better.

2. The Cycles of Shedding by Dr. Siva Mohan – what are you letting go of this spring?

3. Ready…set…wanderlust! The new Gypset interactive site. Enough said.

4. Ayurveda, the Menstrual Cycle and Natural Fertility – a super insightful free training call my dear friend and brilliant teacher, Adena Rose Ayurveda, gave last weekend.

5. This collab playlist my friend and I have been working on, I’ve had my windows open and my feet up in a hammock with these spring vibes playing on high.

What are you reading this month? Share with me your favorite books, blogs, videos, playlists, and anything else that has you über-excited in the comments below!