Reading List: February 2015

Vidya_FebruaryReadingList Each month I’m sharing my favorite books, blogs, podcasts, playlists and more of what’s inspiring me at the moment in this “Reading List” series…

{Currently} on my nightstand:
1. Super Natural Every Day Cookbook by Heidi Swanson
Heidi’s blog 101 Cookbooks has been a staple in my life for almost a decade (wow, where did the time go?!) and each week I’m still blown away by the beauty and simplicity of her approach to natural foods lifestyle. And I hear, she’s coming out with a new book soon!

2. Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss
A staple for past-life exploration.

3. Healing Wise: Wise Woman Herbal Series by Susun S. Weed
THE intuitive guide to herbal healing for women through the lens of seven primary plants: burdock, chickweed, dandelion, nettle, oatstraw, seaweed, and violet. I adore this book, Susun’s work has been a gateway for me into exploring herbal healing.

4. The Vegetarian Flavor Bible by Karen Page
This book is everywhere right now! I’ve made a home for it next to the well worn copy of the original Flavor Bible right next to it on my kitchen shelf…eagerly awaiting its arrival!

5. Vedic Astrology Deck
The coffee table introduction to this vast science of astral wisdom.

{Currently} on my internetz:
1. These stunning prints from my dear desert sister, Angela de la Agua. She captures the magic of Joshua Tree and the sacred feminine in a way that leaves you mesmerized and breathless.

2. Zen Habits: Getting Lost in Just Doing

3. “The dark goddess is on the rise. She devours false perception and swallows separation to free us from our own belief that we are anything other than love.” Loving this article by Sianna Sherman via Mantra Mag.

4. This man’s beautiful harp music has been the soundtrack of my life since I returned from Tulum.

5. My Spring cleanse is right around the corner! Read more from past cleanse participant, Amanda Ramirez: How Seasonal Cleansing the Ayurvedic Way Changed My Life.

What are you reading this month? Share with me your favorite books, blogs, videos, playlists, and anything else that has you über-excited in the comments below!