Reading List: October 2014

October 2015

Each month I’m sharing my favorite books, blogs, podcasts, playlists and more of what’s inspiring me at the moment in this “Reading List” series…

{Currently} on my nightstand:
1)   Green Travel Stories by David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl
For my fellow wanderlust gypsies with a passion for food, you absolutely must get yourself a copy of Green Kitchen Stories new cookbook.

2)   Sacred Commerce by Matthew Engelhart
This caught my eye immediately when I walked into Café Gratitude in Venice a few weeks back. I read it cover to cover in two flight legs home.  For any entrepreneur, this will change your life, your business and the world. 

3)   Living Ahimsa Diet by Maya Tiwari
I’ve been on a study diet of all things Maya Tiwari lately.  As soon as I finish one of her books, I’m onto the next and circling back around to the first again.  This is a pivotal book to understanding the essence of a seasonal, sattvic diet.

4)   Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver
Part memoir/part journalistic account of Barbara Kingsolver’s experience raising her family and living entirely off what they could grow on their own land or find in their local community.  I read this years ago in college and have come back to it after a recent discussion on this during our Backyard Foraging workshop last weekend.  

5)   We’Moon Planner
Okay, not technically a book but I just ordered my 2015 WeMoon day planner this week, it’s a filled with inspiring quotes and a detailed daily moon calendar.

 {Currently} on my internetz:
1)  My friend and international photographer, Joshua Cogan, gave this visually stunning  TEDx talk on preserving cultural diversity and heritage. 

2)  This gorgeous recap of the Pure Green Magazine #PGMInSeason project, what an honor it was to be a community leader amongst this great group! If you’re on instagram, check out the community hashtag to see all the seasonal submissions.

3)  Earth Sprout’s Nourished interviews with beautiful bloggers, Hortus Cuisine and Deliciously Ella.

4)  I fell in love with this album after taking an incredible class with Govindas and Radha at Bhaktifest in Joshua Tree in September. I’m especially adoring their version of the Hanuman Chalisa.

5) With all the travel I’ve been doing the past two months, these tips from Dr. Siva Mohan on staying balanced while on the road have been so helpful.


What are you reading this month? Share with me your favorite books, blogs, videos, playlists, and anything else that has you über-excited in the comments below! 

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